Vintage Ford Serial Number Decoders

Ford Mustang:

Mustang Decoder Online – Serial Number and Warranty Plate decoder for first generation Mustangs, 1964.5 to 1973 model years.

Ford Thunderbird:

1955 to 1957 Thunderbird Serial Number and Data Plate Info – Manual decoder for the ‘baby Birds”.

1955 to 1959 Ford Thunderbird Serial Number Decoder – Manual decoder for 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1959 Thunderbirds.

1955 to 1966 Ford Thunderbird Serial Number Locations – Not a decoder, but very helpful graphics of serial number locations from the Thundebird Registry.

Ford Truck:

1973 to 1979 Ford Truck Serial NumbersManual serial number decoder and data plate (warranty tag)  decoder from, a great site dedicated to this range of Ford pick-ups.

First Generation Ford Bronco Serial Number Decoder – A manual decoder for 1966 to 1977 Ford Broncos. Landing page is for 1972 model. Scroll to the bottom of the page for additional years.

1961 to 1967 Ford Econoline Serial Number Decoder – Not just a serial number decoder, but a decoder for all of the information on the Warranty Plate. Separate link to Canadian built Econolines as well.