VIN Decoder Websites – Modern 17-digit Vehicle Identification Numbers

Universal VIN Decoders – 1981 and Later Vehicles: – Provides most decoding information including the assembly plant. Will not decode if the check digit is incorrect so it does verify the check digit. – Provides most decoding information including country of origin but not the actual assembly plant. Will sometimes decode if the check digit is incorrect so be aware of this. This site can also decode some vintage car serial numbers. – Provides very minimal decoding information but shows if check digit is valid. Good to use if you just want to check the check digit. – Provides basic decoding information. Does not work for some early 1980’s era VIN’s. Confirms check digit but does not supply assembly plant.

The CompNine Total VIN Decoder – This is a much more robust VIN decoder that can also pull up specific options and colours on your car. This is a paid service but they do offer a free trial.

BMW VIN Decoders:

BMW Archive VIN Decoder – Much more than a VIN decoder, this site can give you the original paint colour, interior trim, assembly date and all of the factory installed options for your BMW. It can also decode VIN’s for BMW motorcycles, the new MINI and later Rolls Royce cars. Only the last seven digits of your VIN are needed. – Not a full VIN decoder, but this site can tell you the platform, body style, model, assembly date, engine and transmission of your BMW with only the last seven digits of the VIN. Very good site for looking up parts as well.

M Roadster Buyers Guide VIN Look-up – For the BMW M Roadster only. Not a full decoder but supplies original production day, colour, interior trim and order of production.

Chevrolet VIN Decoders:

Third Gen VIN Breakdown – A Simple breakdown of the VIN of your third generation Chevrolet Camaro or Pontiac Firebird. Courtesy of The F-Body Organization.

DeLorean VIN Decoders:

DeLorean Vehicle Identification Numbers - From a manual decoder for the 1981, 1982 and 1983 DeLoreans.

Ford VIN Decoders:

Ford Fleet VIN Decoder – Get your VIN decoded directly from the source!

Ford Truck Enthusiasts VIN Decoder – A complete VIN decoder from the biggest Ford Truck forum page on the web.

Fox Body Ford Mustang and Mercury Capri VIN Decoder – 1979 to 1993 Fox platform Ford Mustang and Mercury Capris specific decoder.

Land Rover VIN Decoders:

CalVIN VIN Calculator for Land RoversFull Vehicle Identification Number decoder specific to Land Rover vehicles. It does confirm check digit as well.

Toyota VIN Decoders: VIN Decoder – This decoder works on both modern 17 digit Vehicle Identification Numbers and Japanese Domestic Market serial numbers. This is a great tool if you have or want to import a JDM Toyota to North America as it will tell you the production month of the car. There is also a parts cross reference and look-up on this site.